Patients prescribed long-term medication supplies are more likely to stick to their medication regimens. Mail-order programs can also help with timely medication refills.

A covered long-term supply for most Peoples Health patients is 100 days. Patients in Peoples Health Group Medicare plans are covered for a 90-day supply.

Consider prescribing a 100-day or 90-day supply, when appropriate, and encourage patients to use their mail-order benefit.

  • Cost-sharing for all Peoples Health patients is $0 for a long-term supply of most generic medications on tiers 1 and 2 when filled by our network mail-order pharmacy.
  • Patients in Peoples Health special needs plans pay $0 for all covered drugs, no matter the days’ supply.
  • OptumRx is the preferred mail-order pharmacy for patients in other Peoples Health plans with a Part D benefit, and OptumRx offers lower costs for long-term supplies of select Part D medications.

Keep in mind:

  • When calling in or sending prescriptions electronically, update to a 100-day or 90-day supply, as appropriate, plus three refills. For more information, contact OptumRx at or 1-877-889-6358.
  • For patients eligible for a 100-day supply, consider rewriting an existing 90-day prescription to a 100-day supply.
  • When changing from a 30-day supply to a long-term supply, cancel the 30-day supply and rewrite the prescription to enable the patient to access the long-term supply immediately.

Patient benefits of a long-term supply through mail order

Saves time. Fewer trips to the pharmacy and less waiting in line.
Saves money. Mail-order costs are 17% less than retail costs.
Free shipping. Fast, free shipping directly to the patient’s home.
Auto refills. Patients have the option to enroll in automatic refills on your prescribed schedule.