Peoples Health collaborates with Elara Caring on a Healing at Home Program for your Peoples Health patients. The program is designed to create an effective post-acute system of care that maximizes patient experience and improves quality of care and health outcomes.

How the Program Works

  • Your Peoples Health patients being discharged from an inpatient stay can elect to be enrolled in the program and receive 60 days of at-home post-discharge care from an Elara Caring team of skilled nurses and therapists.
  • There is no cost to the patient.
  • An initial in-hospital visit may be conducted with the patient prior to discharge to perform a preliminary assessment and begin developing a plan for post-discharge care.
  • Within 48 hours of discharge, the plan of care is completed and includes:
    • In-home nursing and therapy services based on needs and chronic conditions
    • Telehealth visits
    • Telephonic outreach
    • Home monitoring (blood pressure cuff, scale, etc.) if indicated
  • The patient receives a thorough explanation from the Elara team of the discharge care goals, along with printed materials.
  • The patient’s primary care provider is kept informed about all care coordination efforts, including the need for follow-up care and medication adherence.

For more information, contact your Peoples Health representative.