The Peoples Health network performance and engagement department—NP&E for short—was introduced earlier this year to enhance connections with our providers.

The NP&E team functions as a conduit between People Health and your provider office or facility and supports you in an ever-changing health care landscape by engaging in strategy development, goal alignment and key message delivery. Our representatives can impart knowledge about how Medicare works and help you navigate its many regulations, guidelines and quality measures, as well as identify ways to address industry changes and offer solutions for adhering to clinical quality standards. That way, you focus on what’s most important—caring for your patients and optimizing your operations.

We value the satisfaction of our network providers and know the importance of running an effective health care practice or facility that delivers quality, cost-effective care. And that’s why our representatives are available with a wealth of resources and tools.

Reach out to your Peoples Health representative with any questions at 1-800-631-8443, Monday through Friday, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., or email