Valuable online resources are available through the Peoples Health Provider Portal to help you and your staff have more meaningful patient interactions, improve patient health outcomes and risk scores, and create efficiencies within your practice.

Streamlined Home Health and Skilled Nursing Facility Authorizations

To help make it easier for providers to submit authorization requests for home health and skilled nursing facility services, as well as to improve the timeliness of our authorization processes, we’ve developed two resources, available on the Provider Portal, under the Authorizations tab.

    • The home health one-pager outlines how home health agencies can submit authorization requests through the Provider Portal and explains the documentation needed. There is no need to wait for the hospital or ordering provider to submit the request. The handout also offers guidance around submitting requests via fax, if needed, as well as submitting recertifications. Access the one-pager: Home Health Authorizations and Recertifications

    Note: Effective April 12, 2023, we increased auto-authorizations for home health services from 30 days to 60 days. The number of visits for specific services has also increased, depending on the service.

    • The skilled nursing facility handout outlines the process skilled nursing facilities must follow to submit essential authorization documentation through the Provider Portal, along with required time frames and frequency, to support patients’ ongoing care throughout the treatment plan. Access the handout: SNF Authorizations and Recertifications 

    Submitting information through the portal is vital to ensure timely authorizations for care, as well as to maintain a good care partnership with Peoples Health on behalf of patients.