You can help improve medication adherence for your Peoples Health patients by prescribing long-term medication fills, as appropriate, and encouraging patients to fill these prescriptions through home delivery.

A covered long-term supply for most Peoples Health plan members is 100 days. Members in Peoples Health Group Medicare plans are covered for a 90-day supply.

Benefits of long-term prescription fills

  • Saves patients money
  • Increases convenience
  • Reduces rates of rehospitalization
  • Ability to be delivered by mail for home delivery
  • Improves access to medications with 24/7 access to a pharmacist with home delivery, resulting in better patient experiences

Additionally, studies show that 100-day medication supplies can:

  • Drive even greater medication adherence
  • Increase patient cost savings—same copay for a 100-day supply as a 90-day supply
  • Maximize patients’ plan benefits

​Supporting strategies

In addition to prescribing a long-term supply, consider the following strategies to help ensure patients continue to take their medications:

  • Schedule a follow-up appointment before patients leave your office to help monitor for side effects
  • Provide education on how medication works and ensure patients understand it may take time for some medication to become effective
  • Emphasize to patients the importance of continuing medication even if they begin to feel better and notifying you if they have side effects

What you can do

Encourage your Peoples Health patients to sign up for their plan’s prescription home delivery program, Optum Home Delivery.

Submit a request to Optum Home Delivery for 100-day supplies of medications (or 90-day supplies for Peoples Health Group Medicare members) including three refills, using these options:
Peoples Health Group Medicare plans: 1-888-279-1828
All other Peoples Health plans with a Part D benefit: 1-877-889-6358

Or send a prescription for a long-term supply with three refills to any network pharmacy. We don’t require members to use Optum Home Delivery.