CMS’ annual Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (CAHPS) survey mails in March to a random selection of Medicare beneficiaries and the Health Outcomes Survey (HOS) mails in the fall. These surveys help provide feedback on patients’ experiences with your office and with us. 

Your interactions with your patients, from the waiting room to the exam room, play a key role in their experience and overall health. You provide guidance and solutions to help them navigate the complexities of health care and help make it easier for them to get timely care, tests and treatment. 

Here are a few best practices to focus on.

Provider Best Practice

CAHPS/HOS Star Measure

Maximize appointment availability by using NPs/PAs to schedule visits with patients. Or have recommendations ready on alternative locations for care when care is needed urgently.

Getting Care Quickly, Getting Needed Care

Offer appointment times outside regular hours and/or allow time slots for patients to walk in.

Getting Care Quickly

Remember your patient’s time is as valuable as yours. Make sure patients don’t wait more than 15 minutes to see their care provider.

Getting Care Quickly

Have someone in the office who champions the patient experience.

Getting Needed Care, Getting Care Quickly, Care Coordination, Rating of Health Care

Identify patients who have had a fall or problems with balance or walking and talk with them about how to address these issues.

Fall Risk Management

Identify patients who experience urinary incontinence and talk with them about how to address the issues.

Management of Urinary Incontinence

Discuss the importance of physical activity with patients and encourage them to maintain or increase physical activity as appropriate.

Physical Activity of Older Adults