Below is a list of services no longer requiring authorization:

Procedure (in outpatient locations 02, 11, 19, 22, 24)

Sleep study (one every 12 months)

Left heart catheter

PET scan
Cardiac rehabilitation
Fine needle aspiration biopsy
Insulin pump supplies

Eye prosthesis cleaning

Lesions (destruction, benign or premalignant)

Nitric oxide expired gas determination


95810, 95811


78815, 78816
93797, 93798
A4224, A4225

17000 – 17111 


Reminder: For services that do require authorization, online authorization requests typically are approved more quickly than paper requests. Verify authorization requirements here, then submit online for the quickest turnaround times and easy communication with our authorization nurses. Contact us for a tutorial if you or your office staff needs training. Virtual and in-person training options are available.