We want to work with you to help your Peoples Health patients better manage their health. One way we do this is by offering them health evaluations at no cost through our Comprehensive Wellness Assessment Program. The assessment helps us better understand health needs, and it helps us better work with you to coordinate the care of your Peoples Health patients.

The assessment does not replace the care you provide. Our goal is to make it easier for our plan members to give us health information that we then share with you.

A Brief Look at How it Works

  • A Peoples Health nurse practitioner conducts the assessment, meeting one-on-one with the member, compiling information about health status and conducting a physical evaluation.
  • The member has an opportunity to ask questions and update or establish personal health goals.
  • Progress notes are faxed to you within seven calendar days.

For more information, review our Comprehensive Wellness Assessment handout. You can also find the handout on the Provider Portal under the Resources tab and Provider Initiatives section.