Complete Timely Post-Discharge Medication Reconciliations

As a primary care physician (PCP), you play an important role in helping your patients avoid a hospital readmission. Recent data for Peoples Health patients shows that readmission rates drop by about 10% when a medication reconciliation is completed by the patient’s PCP within seven days of the hospital discharge.

Review the Daily Census in Member Viewer and schedule patients quickly, ideally within seven days of discharge. Patients remain on the census for three days.

Medication reconciliation requirements:

  • A comparison of the patient’s medications pre-admission to the patient’s medications post-discharge
  • An updated medication list for your records and for the patient to take home
  • Use of CPT-II code 1111F (discharge medications reconciled with the current medication list in outpatient medical record) to document the reconciliation on the claim for the visit

In response to the COVID-19 public health emergency, post-discharge follow-up visits may be performed via telehealth, in accordance with CMS guidance.

Register for Continuing Education Credits

Register for the OptumHealth Education module Depression and Follow-up After Higher Levels of Care for one free CME credit. There are no fees for participating in or receiving credit for this activity. Learn more and register on the Provider Portal.

Conduct a Year-End Check-In

Use Member Viewer to address patients’ outstanding quality needs and gaps in care.

  • Select Provider Portal Quality Measure from the Criteria drop-down menu.
  • Choose appropriate provider name.
  • Click the Quality Measures
  • Review and schedule patients with open gaps in care.
  • Include applicable CPT-II reportable codes for blood pressure and A1c.
  • Document and describe any statin therapy intolerance and use the appropriate ICD-10 code on the claim.

Reach out to your provider representative if you need assistance.